Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sketch No. 14

Masked Sin


  1. this is one of my favorite drawings, I congratulate you for this quality

  2. thanks >:D<
    I call this technique "back to nature"; the materials I used here are as natural as they can be: petals, leaves, grass and soil.
    hmm...I wonder why you like it so much. will you tell me?

  3. lool, very clever wondering ...!
    I like the world of roses here, I can't imagin any furthers or additions, it's a full world. I like the spirit of calm and serenity that gives me the impression that this drawing is dedicated to womanhood, especially with roses, symbol of fertility and blossming. The pregnant woman and the girl-rose who takes her hand and embrace her belly as sign of sympathy and women union support my hypothesis, I like so much this imaginary and fantastic vision, this wonderful mixture between women and roses, and as a man I admit that you (women) are really the flowers of our lives ;)

  4. it's always a pleasure to take a glimpse at my drawings through other eyes than mine. I never intended to draw roses, nor anything of that kind. as a matter of fact, the "rose-girl" was actually supposed to be a jester, thus no girl at all...but still, I find your interpretation splendid!
    how will you see the drawing, if I translate the Romanian title to you? It's called "Masked Sin"...;))

  5. waw!! I would like to see any other title except this one !! I have seen something different, something more pure, no I see it diffrently, but It's your painting and you know the "why" of anything ^^