Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mă culcasem lângă glasul tău și te iubeam.


  1. I wonder when you draw faces in this position, do you turn the drawing or you have the ability to imagin lying faces?! cause when you look to the same scene in the upright position it don't significate other thing...
    and I don't know what is the size of your paintings, do you use an easel or you put your paper on a simple table?

  2. a pretty kettle of fish, this ability!:)) if one can draw people standing, it goes without saying that one can draw them lying too, huh? besides, if the model is lying, it's more of an effort to imagine it standing, than to draw it the way you see it...
    most of my sketches are quite dwarfish (about A6-, A5-, maximum A4-size) but I've got "real drawings" too, A3-size or even larger. and no, I don't use an easel, because I don't have one, though I asked my dad so many times to make me one! I draw no matter where: on my desk,bed,knees...etc. With larger paper it's more difficult. I once made an experiment, which didn't end up that well: I hung a bed sheet on a wall and started drawing... and I drew, and drew... oh, how ardent I was! but when I got the sheet down...surprise! the colors had penetrated through the sheet and the entire drawing was now doubled on the wall! imagine my face at the sight of it!:)) I would have left it there though, if the room where I made the whole blunder was my own, but since it wasn't...I had to whitewash the wall:)) anyway, I like to blame this on my "artistic" way of being than to admit I sometimes forget to reason.;))

  3. hahaha, it's part of the charm of your work this kind of incidents that you will keep in your memory and you're going to laugh later with nostalgia, but I would like to see that ^^