Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sketch No. 13

Dacă voi nu mă vreți, eu mă vreu.


  1. I don't understand the titles of the drawings :(((

  2. I played a bit with words here. I made reference to a Romanian romantic novella, "Alexandru Lapusneanu", in which the main character, a tyrant, addresses at some point the people with the next words: "If you don't want me, I want you".
    my version here^^: "If you don't want me, I do [want me]." another perspective. huh?

  3. waw, very smart, I like this relationship between two noble arts: the art of writing with letters, words and sentences, and the art of painting with colors, lines ans shapes, two different ways to express the same idea,I like that, we can see clearly the importance of the artist's culture. About yours, I have nothing to say, I only bow my head and pull my hat to you miss the artist lol ;)