Wednesday, May 18, 2011

God Save the Muses

Muse went away by the road,
The autumnal, narrow, steep,
And her swarthy feet were slopped,
With large drops of dew in her slip.

I begged her, with hope and fear,
To stay till the winter’s white lace,
She answered, “There is a grave here,
How can you still breathe in such place?”

I wished to give her a she-pigeon,
The whitest in our doves’ nest,
But suddenly and without reason,
She fled after my slender guest.

I looked after Muse, and was silent,
I loved only her till my end,
And in skies grew a sunrise giant,
As the gate into her own land.

(Anna Akhmatova)


  1. ...were they endangered? I did not realize they are to be found on the list of threatened species by now...well, maybe mount Parnassus is still not unreal enough to be a protective environment... (I hope your art will be helpful, though)

  2. look around. oooh, it's wild world!

  3. ... thats certainly right. Never thought of it that way... well, the queen is not, obviously: a muse d... but then there are greater wonders to be found then snobby aristocrats i muse: Muse-au-chocolate, for example, or museic in any form is worth a shot, too...or look at the german "Pampelmuse", a fruit i ve never thought to be this inspiring before (aber andererseits: Wird dir schon namenlos im Munde und: Tanz die Orange!) ... ... ...